We’re making some changes around here..

The goal? Support local (putting our money where our mouth is!) & become more mindful about our environmental impact.

Over the last couple of years, as with many businesses, the pandemic has given us so much to think about, mainly how we run our business, where we put our time and energy, our marketing dollars, and who we want to support (and how we want to support them!).

As many of you know, The Burlington Cares Food Drive was born from this, and we’ve received such tremendous support from our community, and have therefore decided to keep this going and growing! The Burlington Cares Food Drive is something we all stand behind. Hunger never takes a break after all, and this is a no brainer for us as it’s a very direct way to support our very own community, people who live and breathe in the very same area that we have the privilege of working and living in. (For any of you who are new to the Burlington Cares Food Drive, click here for more information…The Food Drive is every Friday throughout the Burlington area and we’d love your support! )

But there have been other changes

With so much going on with the environment, we’ve decided as a team that we won’t be doing any more large scale mailers to advertise our business. While these “Just Sold” postcards or “Please work with us” flyers in the mail do generate business, we just can’t stomach how much paper goes into the recycling bin each week, (and likely still into the landfill), as well as how much time, energy and money goes into making all this paper happen.

With that in mind, and with the thought of supporting local, (which we talk about so much), we’ve decided as a team that we’d rather put our efforts (and our dollars) into continuing the weekly food drive, and supporting our local businesses. This is why we’re currently running a contest  supporting local restaurants for the next 11 weeks. We hope to do more of course, but it will be baby steps and small changes that we hope will help impact our community bit by bit. After all, it takes a village, and every bit counts. We truly believe this.  Besides, we figured we should put our money where our mouth is since we always talk about supporting our community,  and so instead of piles of paper and postcard runs, in future we’ll be making efforts to make sure our time, energy and money is creating more support, (and less environmental impact),  locally.

We hope you’ll look for us on all our social media avenues and stay in touch with us, whether it be via phone, email, or through our usual online communication, and we thank you as always for your continued referrals and support!

Andrea, Barb, Laura, Erin & Kathy