Honoured to Speak at Salvation Army’s 3rd Annual Brave Event

I was so honoured to be a guest speaker at the Salvation Army’s 3rd annual Brave Event, which supports teen girls and helps shine a light on the beautiful individuals they all are. The theme this year, “Looking Up,” resonated deeply with me, and I was super excited to share my journey and perform my song, “Works of Art.”

Sharing My Journey

Standing in front of these bright, resilient young women, I felt a profound sense of responsibility and privilege. I shared my own stories, both successes and failures, hoping to create some awareness and inspire them. However, as much as I aimed to uplift them, I found myself equally inspired by their strength and the unique paths they are forging for themselves. Their stories of resilience and determination were truly humbling and motivating.

Discovering the Salvation Army’s Impact

Until now, I was unfamiliar with the incredible programs the Salvation Army provides in our communities. The work they do is truly remarkable, and I am grateful that such organizations, led by passionate and dedicated individuals, exist to support and uplift those in need. Their commitment to fostering leadership and providing mentorship for youth is instrumental in building a brighter future for our communities.

The Importance of Community Support

Being a Realtor in our community and having held leadership roles in various careers over the years has allowed me to connect with many wonderful people doing instrumental work. While selling houses may be our primary business, what truly drives us is the knowledge that we are part of something bigger. Supporting local events, especially those that offer leadership and mentorship for the youth, is what really motivates us.

A Motivating Experience

Events like the Brave Event remind us of the power of community and the importance of supporting one another. It was a privilege to be part of an event that celebrates and empowers young women, encouraging them to look up and reach for their dreams. I am inspired by the incredible leaders at the Salvation Army and the resilient young women they support. This experience has reinforced my commitment to supporting such vital programs and being an active part of our community’s growth and development.

Looking Forward

As I reflect on this experience, I am filled with gratitude and a renewed sense of purpose. I look forward to continuing to support and participate in events that make a positive impact on our community. Together, we can create a brighter future, one that is filled with hope, resilience, and boundless opportunities for all.

Thank you to the Salvation Army for the incredible work you do, and thank you to the brave young women who inspire us all to keep looking up.