So many things are swirling around in your head at the time of a house move that important tasks are sure to be forgotten unless you defer to that good old fashioned method – a checklist.

To help you get started, copy this list of basics and add or delete items to personalize. You’ll be organized in no time!

Moving Checklist:

  1. Establish a move date. Weekends and holiday long weekends are busy times for movers and truck rental companies so can be more expensive. Book far in advance (2 to 3 months) to ensure you get a moving truck for the day you need to move.
  2. Print out a dedicated calendar to fill in for the move. Plan when all the key dates will happen and delegate tasks to all members of the family if possible.
  3. As early as you can, get at least three quotes from professional movers if you’re using them. Be sure to check their insurance policies for broken or damaged items.
  4. Buy or arrange rental of boxes, wardrobe boxes, paper, bubble wrap and tape (some movers will deliver and supply these as part of their service). Label packed boxes according to rooms in your new property.
  5. Arrange storage for before and/or after the sale if necessary.
  6. Sell or donate any items you’re not taking – try a garage sale, or
  7. Start to eat up the contents of your freezer! Sort out cupboards and discard out of date items.
  8. Arrange for post to be re-directed.
  9. Register kids for their new schools.
  10. Find out about doctors/dentists in your new area (obtain records from existing practices before you leave).
  11. Change addresses for all identification and correspondence: drivers license; health card; social insurance; passport; bank; credit cards; utilities; phone/cable; car and home insurance; pension policies.
  12. Set aside important or valuable items such as jewelry, insurance documents and passports to carry with you to your new location.
  13. Pack a travel bag with the items your family may need on moving day such as tooth brushes, change of clothing, medications, hair bushes, soap, toilet paper, tea kettle or coffee maker, mugs, paper plates and cups, aspirin, etc.
  14. Day before: defrost the fridge/freezer, clean the oven, get all keys together in a safe spot, take down any curtains or fixtures you are keeping.