The Importance of Local Schools in your Home Search

Whether or not you have school-aged kids, looking into the school districts in any prospective area is key before buying a home.

Unsurprisingly, this is high on the priority list for buyers with kids – they want to know they’re moving into an area with a highly rated school. Couples may also look for local schools to plan for an eventual family. What you may not know is even buyers without  kids often look at school districts. Typically, homes near high-rated schools will have a higher value than those near lower-rated ones. These buyers want to ensure that their home value – and resale value – will increase over time by being close to a reputable school.

When selling your home knowing, and advertising the local schools in your area can undoubtedly increase the amount of interest in your home and the selling price. A simple google search is a great tool to locate nearby schools for any home of interest.

For prospective buyers, this tool also links to each school independently, allowing you to determine whether that school and district are right for you! The Fraser Institute is another helpful tool that provides parent and teacher ratings of each school, and rankings of academic performance in relation to one another.

We realize this may be an overwhelming process. You may even come across conflicting information that will confuse your decision-making. Joining online community groups may be a great way to hear the opinions of those already in the area – remember, bad ratings don’t always mean a bad school so don’t be deterred right away.

Still unsure? We would love to help guide you through this process! Feel free to reach out to us at to speak directly to our realty team. We look forward to hearing from you!