Staging – Can You Afford Not To?

Statistics show that staged homes not only sell more quickly, but command a higher sale price than neighbouring homes that haven’t been staged.

It may seem like yet more time, energy and money to spend during what’s already a consuming process, but staging is almost always well worth the investment – both to increase buyer’s interest in your home and potentially add tens of thousands of dollars to the sale price.

Staging is not just about making your home look pretty. It’s about strategically using furniture, décor and lighting to help increase the appeal of your home. The goal is to both de-clutter and depersonalize a property in a way that will allow potential buyers to be able to visualize the wonderful lifestyle they could have.

When you list with me, staging is part of the package*. We’ll do a walk through of your house to see what needs fixing or changing – and establish whether we can work with existing furniture and décor, or bring in fresh ideas to maximize each area. Our goal is to help potential buyers see the best possible functionality of your home. Buyers are always on the lookout for flaws or for opportunities to negotiate a lower price – and they’ll be comparing your home to properties just down the road that are listed for the same price. Creating a great first impression and overall feeling as they walk through the space will help buyers remember YOUR house when they’ve just completed a marathon of viewings.

Let’s make your home the one buyers come back to!

*Staging is usually included in your listing – and depending on your circumstances the service ranges from a comprehensive consultation, to bringing in the professionals to fully stage your home.