Should Local Schools Influence Your Home Search?

If you have school aged children, then making sure you’re in the right school district may have an impact on where you decide to live. This is a tough call for young families to make, and ultimately a very personal choice.

School rankings, while extremely important on one hand, can change drastically over time depending on so many factors. If you do have young children, it is an important thing to consider doing a little research on. Here is a link to the Fraser Institute: . This can be helpful, and you can also find lots of great community groups on social media to seek out personal opinions from people who live in the area. Sometimes a school might not have great rankings, but everyone you speak to seems to love it!

Royal LePage Canada also has a great tool that can help. When you visit and find a listing that you like, you can simply click through on the school icon, and it will let you know which schools are closest on the map and also give you a link to the school so that you can dig further and decide if that area and school district works for you!