Seller Beware! Local Market Conditions May Vary

The general statistics/numbers aren’t always a complete reflection of what’s actually happening in your local market. Just because you receive a piece of advertising that has copied and pasted board stats supposedly indicating your home’s value, doesn’t mean it’s entirely true. To get a true picture of your homes value, it’s always best to speak to your local Realtor, someone who can help explain the facts and nuances a little more – you know, dig a little deeper. With so much information around for Sellers, it’s easy to make quick assumptions based on one report or two reports but when it comes to your home, pricing is incredibly important as part of your marketing strategy and something we feel is worth spending the extra time on to get it just right! The pricing strategy of your home will have a great impact on how close to list you sell and how long you are on the market (which also ultimately affects your market value). And remember, board stats are very generic and don’t get into details on size of home, upgrades and finishes etc. When you do the homework, the picture can change greatly! (and we always do the homework)

If you’re looking for more information about your home’s value, give us a call today. We’ll go through the most recent true comparables, look at days on market and market increases specific to you and help you get an idea of what upgrades or lack thereof, the competing homes have, so you can get a TRUE picture of your home’s value and what you can expect if/when you decide to list. We take listing your home very seriously. We treat it like we’re listing our own. After all, it’s our job… and we’re happy to help!

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