Next Steps in this Market

So many questions have come our way in the past few months regarding next steps in this market. Are YOU in a comfortable fixed rate that’s up for renewal soon and concerned about an upcoming increase in your monthly payments? Are you still variable and are wondering which way things may go? Are you considering a sale as a means to “downsize” your mortgage before renewal time or hoping to up-size and are seeing homes that fit the bill in better price ranges (and wondering how you can make the jump?)

Over the last few years, we have received so many panicked phone calls from clients who are worried they may have to sell. In most cases, these calls have come after yet another interest rate increase announcement and in many cases, it’s been the fear of the unknown driving their decision.

While it may not have been the best decision for our business, we’ve sat at people’s kitchen tables and convinced many people NOT TO SELL based on a panicked decision if they don’t have to.

The way we see it, it’s our job to help support you and your family to make the best decisions possible, even if that means NOT SELLING. You read that right- Yes- our job is selling houses- but sometimes that may not be in your best and highest interest and if that’s our perspective, that’s the message you will always receive from our team.

To us, being your Realtor means earning your trust and giving you the best advice possible. It means supporting you and helping you to see the whole picture before making a decision. Sure, we could go for the quick sale, (which we can do if that’s what needed), but if it’s not the best decision- we’ll tell you so. The bottom line is: we are not in the business of uprooting someone from their home if they don’t have to. We’re here to support you and your best interests, always.

If you have questions or are trying to create a strategy for your next move, give our team a shout. Let us help YOU make a plan that works for YOU!

p.s. But what if it is time to buy or sell? YES! That’s what we do, after all and if moving quickly to make a move happen for you is what you truly want or need, then we’re here for YOU too!