Is there a “ secret strategy” when it comes to real estate?

I must receive thousands of flyers in my mailbox from other realtors, promising me that they have a special system or secret way that they mark their properties that no other realtor has access to.

While I appreciate the marketing effort, at the end of the day, the skills that we provide our clients as well as the honesty, integrity, compassion, empathy, and care are all part of the equation.

Listening to your clients understanding their needs and looking for all the red flags from both the buyer and seller perspective is key throughout the process to have an amazing transaction happen and unfold for our clients.

But when it comes to marketing your property, pricing, knowledge of the numbers and the current market, and understanding what you’re hoping to achieve is what really matters. Is there a secret sauce?

Perhaps the secret sauce is whether or not you actually like your realtor, so that you can have a trusting and successful relationship that will ensure a smooth and easy purchase, and/or sale.