Interview with Blair Lancaster – Place Makers

It was an absolutely honour and pleasure to connect with former Burlingon Ward Councillor Blair Lancaster as part of her “Place Makers” podcast. We got to discuss lots of great things happening in the community and our teams little contribution to it all… including all the “why’s” which are so important.

My biggest take away from our conversation still remains the same. There are some amazing people doing great works of service in our community. As Realtors, we do feel it’s important we contribute back to the community that we live and work in. There is a trickle effect that always comes back around to everyone when we all remember that there while we strive to be great at what we do in our industry, we also must give back to the community that supports us. Every little bit matters and we are so grateful to live and work in such a supportive community.

Please remember our weekly Food Drives if you’re in the Burlington area. This is our little give back and the Food Banks need our support now more than ever!