Food Drive Holiday 2022

📢 Hard to believe but only a few weeks left until Christmas! Can you please help get the word out about our weekly Friday Food drives? As an added incentive, from now until December 31st, Florian Realty Team will match $1 for every pound donated… Our goal is to get over $1000, but I think we can do even better than that if we all help!

👉 We’re told traffic at the Food Banks is up over 80% ! That’s a lot of people that are struggling to put food on the table! Remember, as a community- every little bit helps!

👉 If you are able to contribute to our weekly Food Drive, just email us at: with your name and address to be included in that Friday’s route.

👉 So far, we’re just over 100 pounds.. so that’s $100 from us as well. But surprise us Burlington! We’d be thrilled to see that number rise! (can you help us get over 1000 pounds and $1000?)

👉 As always, thank you for your ongoing support! We are so proud and grateful to work and live in this amazing community!
much love to you all! andrea