Buy Now Vs. Later

Interest Rates making you nervous to buy?…. you’re not alone! 

What if we told you that THIS IS THE MARKET TO BUY IN?

More homes on the market equals more choice, more to choose from and less competition…but here’s a few more reasons why, (if you’re qualified and ready to buy)- that now is the time to get into the market:

Why buy now vs later?

  • Interest Rates change (Date the rate, marry the house!)- interest rates may be high-but prices are lower than ever, and when interest rates come back down, you’ll be working off a lower mortgage amount on a home you might not have been able to afford later had you waited.

  • Lower Prices mean LOWER CLOSING COSTS- fees like Land Transfer tax

  • Lower Prices mean LOWER DOWN PAYMENTS at closing time

  • Increased inventory: more choices for you and LESS COMPETITION

  • Increased inventory means MORE TIME to look and consider your options

Still on the fence & looking for honest, educated advice? Give our team a shout today & let us help you find a strategy that works for you!